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Who We Are

Fountainworks was founded in 2003 to help public leaders tackle big challenges. More than 19 years and 500 projects later, we’re going stronger than ever.

From developing new initiatives to facilitating conversations with stakeholders to grappling with the demands of leadership, we serve as trusted partners and advisors in generating public impact.

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Our Experience

We know what it takes to succeed.

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What We Do

The public sector is filled with constraint, conflict, and change. Yet it also offers a unique opportunity to serve.

We help leaders navigate today’s complex world head-on so they can transform their communities, their organizations, and themselves.

We do this by making complex public challenges easier to understand, talk about, and tackle.

Sometimes this means planning strategically for uncertainties or new technologies. Other times it means facilitating important conversations between stakeholders. And sometimes it means doing the research and legwork to make better decisions and discover new ways of solving problems.

Our Team

Our team of experts brings years of experience, a proven track record, and a deep commitment to our clients’ success.

Warren Miller

Founder / President

Julie Brenman

Senior Consultant

Maddie Shea

Project Director

Laura Robinson

Learning and Development Manager

brie anderson headshot

Brie Anderson

Communications and Program Manager

Emily Wilson

Development and Project Manager

Paige Pait

Project Manager

Ellen Holding

Graphic Designer

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