Strategic thinking is a popular buzzword in the public sector. When I worked in local government, everyone from elected officials to staff to citizens emphasized the importance of thinking strategically. Whether it was developing a schedule for capital projects at our wastewater treatment facility or deciding to institute paid parking on Main Street, we needed to employ a strategic approach. Strategic thinking is great, but what does it actually mean? And more importantly, how can
Strategic Thinking
Join Warren Miller, Fountainworks’ Founder and President, and Jessica Day, Town of Knightdale Mayor, in discussion about public leadership, as part of Fountainworks’ Public Leadership Conversations podcast (Episode One). Mayor Day shares about her journey to mayor, discusses how she makes tough decisions, highlights her leadership inspirations, and points out her go-to leadership practices/habits.¬† Listen here or on Spotify. https://www.fountainworks.com/wp-content/uploads/2023/09/Updated-9.6.23-Leadership-Eps.mp3   Warren Miller¬† 00:00 Hello, everyone. My name is Warren Miller, and welcome to our
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A few years ago, I embarked on an adventure by moving abroad to teach English in a small, rural North Macedonian village. This endeavor was full of surprises, growth, challenges, and excitement. Amidst the unfolding experiences, a pivotal challenge emerged: evolving into a leader whom my students and fellow co-teachers could truly benefit from. Time, and perhaps a touch of luck, led me to discover strategies that helped me navigate the classroom dynamics. Yet, hindsight
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Budgets are changing, often shrinking, leaving those in public service to accomplish more with less; residents and clients expect more efficient services and easier access to them; technology is evolving rapidly, especially in artificial intelligence and automation; and the Baby Boomer generation is beginning to retire. These and other tectonic shifts in the landscape of public service will require that future leaders be ready to adapt, innovate, and connect with those they serve in new
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We are currently doing home renovations, and (with the false confidence of watching YouTube tutorial videos) decided to take on installing a new front door. The next morning my father-in-law and I gathered our tools and embarked on our DIY journey. We quickly learned the value of different types of saws (cutting wood versus existing screws) and tools for leveling and inserting the door. What was intended to be a four-hour project evolved into an
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